Tuesday, 27 June 2017


For the past 2 weeks on a Friday, Mr Ward's class have been playing cricket in our PE sessions. We have been practising for a cricket tournament taking place next week. It is so much fun. Everyone is doing very well and learning alot from our mentors. On our first week, we learned how to hold a bat and throw a ball. On the second week we learned how to bat properly.

By Emma C and Aimee P

Friday, 23 June 2017

Star Of the week!

This weeks' stars of the week are...
Luke Thomas and Reuben Stanley
Congratulations Luke on getting the award for an improved attitude to learning and working hard to meet high expectations.
Congratulations to Reuben on getting the award for showing good attitude to his writing and adding lots of description to his English work.

Well done Luke
and Reuben!

By- Aimee P and Emma C


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sports Day!

Sports Day has finally come and Furzeham's up to the challenge! Every year, our school does events related to sports. In the morning, there are the track and field events and in the afternoon is the carousel. At lunch time, most of the children went onto the green to have a lovely picnic with their family and their friends.( My personal favourite is the carousel).
Everyone had so much fun and loved the day!
Special thanks to Mr Ward for organising sports day, and the PTA, for supporting us all the way throughout the day.

By Emma C and Aimee P