Friday, 3 February 2017

Creating portraits in the style of Picasso using digital photography

This half term we have been working with Ms Fellowes in our Computing sessions to look at using digital photography to create portraits of ourselves in the style of Picasso.
We looked at the different styles Picasso used including 'Cubism' and 'The Blue Period'

We began by working in pairs and taking front and side profiles of each other's faces and by using 'screen-shot' we make copies of each photo so we could use them to crop and manipulate our resized images. By using the colour and filter tools we distorted the images either to black and white or using the saturation and contrast tools for more richer colours. We imported our pictures into Smart Notebook and began to create crazy images in the style of Picasso, moving our cropped images of facial features to make a new image.
Using a new app called 'Dreamscope' we were able to import our original photo and it created a new image in the styles of 'Blue Cubism' and 'Portrait of Picasso'.

Look at our end results - we created some really striking images!

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