Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Stars of the week!

This weeks stars of the week are Nolee and Alfie!
In the past week, Alfie broke his arm. Even though he has a broken arm, Alfie has tried really hard in all of his lesson! Well done Alfie! Nolee works hard at every subject and is a good friend. Well done Nolee.

From Mr Ward's class and the whole of Furzeham! :D :3

By Aimee P, Emma C and Luke T

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A visit from an old pupil

Mr Ward's class were lucky enough to have a trainee teacher called Mrs Jones visit. Mrs Jones stayed with us for a week and Mr Ward told us that he taught her when she was our age (we're Year 5). Mrs Jones was very kind and helpful. Her job at the moment is being the office lady for the ambulance. We all miss you Mrs Jones. Have a nice time when you get start teaching your class. Mrs Jones helped us play football and helped a lot in class with our maths, literacy and reading.
On Wednesday Mrs Jones taught us guided reading and comprehension and then on Friday Mr Ward let her teach her own art lesson about Picasso where we drew pictures of our facial features .Mrs Jones also gave us a thank you card when she left at the end of the week.

By Aimee P and Erin Q

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


For the past two terms we have been taking drumming lessons on Mondays. We have leaned to play the African drums, Samba drums, Cow bells and many more instruments. On Monday 16th January 2017, half of the children in the class did an assembly on drumming and played a little piece of music we had been practising. There were also different sizes of drums, small, middle sized and large. There are different types of noises the drums can make, a low noise and a high. Everyone in Mr Ward's class really enjoyed having drumming/music lessons and we all really hope that we can have some more!

-Thank you! :D