Friday, 9 December 2016

Our Christmas Lunch 'Mannequin Challenge'

After a fantastic Christmas Lunch - we decided to attempt a quick 'Mannequin Challenge' with a few children and staff left in the hall.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


In Mr Ward's class on Wednesday the 7th December, we did a science about parachutes and a test about it. Firstly,  we got some materials: coloured tissues, red fabrics, bubble wrap and newspaper. We picked some materials, decorated it and then attach it to some string (the length was your own choice). Then we made an object to be the 'test person' for the parachutes. Most people used paper clips. Once everyone had done at least one, we did a test of the parachutes. Ocean and Ollie came 1st, Emma and Lani came 2nd and Aimee and Lucy came 3rd. We made more then one parachute in our pairs. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, so we didn't get to test the other parachutes. It was really fun that day making the parachutes!!

Our Class Showcase!!

As you may know, from our invitation, we had a class showcase. We did 2 stories (parts two of our presentation) The Stone Age Boy and the Digestive System.
We performed the Stone Age Boy story first then the Digestive System. We all got placed as different characters. The stone age boy's main characters were Luke (the boy from modern time) Ugg (Yasmin the girl from stone age) Mother (Aimee Luke's Mother) and Aaliyah (The Narrator). Now I'm gonna tell you the Digestive Systems main characters, they were Emma (The narrator) Edith (the food) and Erin (The Saliva). The main plot of stone age boy was... Luke walking in woods trips over falls down, down, down... wakes up in the Stone Age where he meets Ugg. He gets shown around the home and special place then gets scared by bear and wakes up in his bedroom. Was it a dream or not? In the digestive system we just showed a demonstration of how it breaks down the food and the food travels down through the body into the toilet.

                                     Showcase - Part 1

Showcase Part 2