Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Food Chain Web

Recently, as part of our Science, we did a Spider Web Food Chain for our topic on digestion and eating. We started off by picking the sun and then we had three producers: Grass, Stinging Nettle and Tree. Then we has our three consumers(Herbivore): The squirrel who ate the tree, the caterpillar, who ate the stinging nettles and the giraffe who ate the grass. Then we had the consumer herbivores(Carnivore): The lioness who ate the giraffe, the bird that ate the caterpillar and the fox who ate the squirrel. Finally there were the consumer carnivore (The carnivore that ate the carnivore!): Bear that ate the fox, the Golden Eagle that ate the small bird and nothing could eat the Lioness because it is at the 2nd to top of the food chain. At the top of the whole food chain is... THE HUMAN!

By: Aimee P and Emma C! :D

Having Fun As The Food Chain!

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