Tuesday, 29 November 2016

You're invited!!!!

Parents of Mr Ward's Class - you are invited to our Class Showcase On Monday 5th December!

We are doing a class showcase to show what we have been doing since the start of the year in September. Parents and carers of our class are all welcome to come!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Eggcellent Experiment

In Science we did an experiment on tooth decay. First we got split into 4 groups of 7 and then we wrote our prediction of which liquid would ruin the egg first. Most people put coca cola. We had 3 liquids; orange juice, coca cola and water. Each group had to put the equal amount of liquid in each glass container, then Mr Ward put each container on 4 different window sills in our classroom. A week later we each had a look and all the coke and orange juice was all mouldy but the water was fine. We had a smell of the coke eggs and they had a slight smell of vinegar to them but mainly coke, the orange juice eggs had a really strong vinegar smell to them and the water eggs were fine. Then came the worst part - we had to touch them! Mr Ward put his hand into every single liquid to get the egg out (he even put his hand in the mouldiest of all... the Coke!) When all of the eggs were out we each had to hold them (It was DISGUSTING!) One of the coke eggs (the worst) had mould all over it! We had to fill in a sheet of how it looked, smelled and felt. The orange juice turned out to be worst because most of the outer shell had peeled of, on the coke eggs some of it had peeled of and the water eggs were fine.

So our results of the Eggcellent experiment were... Orange juice is the worst for tooth decay, coke second and water doesn't do anything!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Food Chain Web

Recently, as part of our Science, we did a Spider Web Food Chain for our topic on digestion and eating. We started off by picking the sun and then we had three producers: Grass, Stinging Nettle and Tree. Then we has our three consumers(Herbivore): The squirrel who ate the tree, the caterpillar, who ate the stinging nettles and the giraffe who ate the grass. Then we had the consumer herbivores(Carnivore): The lioness who ate the giraffe, the bird that ate the caterpillar and the fox who ate the squirrel. Finally there were the consumer carnivore (The carnivore that ate the carnivore!): Bear that ate the fox, the Golden Eagle that ate the small bird and nothing could eat the Lioness because it is at the 2nd to top of the food chain. At the top of the whole food chain is... THE HUMAN!

By: Aimee P and Emma C! :D

Having Fun As The Food Chain!

Epic art by Lani Halsey

Lani drew an amazing wolf and brought it in to show Mr Ward's Class

Well Done Lani - you're a true artist :D

By Aimee P and Emma C

The star of the week!

Congratulations to the star of the week... Oliver!

Well Done Oliver for getting the award for being polite and helpful!
Well Done from Mr Ward's Class and the whole school!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Brixham College- Hockey

On Thursday 10th of November, our class went to Brixham College to play some games of hockey. We were all split into 3 groups of 9, 2 went outside and 1 group stayed inside. There were group A,B and C, groups A and B went outside whilst group C stayed inside. We competed against other schools including St Margaret Clitherow, White Rock, Eden Park, Brixham C of E and Galmpton. We don't know who won yet but it was really FUN!
Having some INTENSE fun!

She's Got the Ball!!!!

What a blurry blast of FUN!

He Shoots, He......scores?