Friday, 23 September 2016

Real P.E.

This week in PE we started a new PE system, which is called Real PE.

In Real PE we did a warm up game where Mr Ward would say a gear 1-4.In gear 1 we had to walk, in gear2 we had to walk faster, gear 3 we would jog and gear 4 we would hop.
We also had to play a mini game where we had to set out a court with cones,  try to bounce the tennis ball in the other persons side. If the ball bounced more than one time or you bounced it in your court the other person gets a point. Then we did 2v2.

To end the real PE session we had some cards laid out on the floor and on them they had different challenges to develop our skills. There were 6 different coloured cards, each with a harder skill than the one before, some of the challenges were: roll the ball around our bodies whilst sat down and roll the ball up and down our bodies without bending our legs!

by Aimee and Emma

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